"Live a good life, and in the end, it’s not the years in the life, it’s the life in the years."

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Life needs a little adventure. Whether you are finding yours around the corner or at the ends of the earth, The Good Life readers want to share in your passion. Tell us what you are doing and we’ll help you tell a good story.

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Have you just heard of personal doings from a friend or neighbor that fascinated you? That made you think: “Boy, that would be fun to do”? Drop us an e-mail, and we’ll try to get that story into the pages of The Good Life.

Write for us

We encourage freelance writers to submit ideas and stories. Perhaps the story is about you, or someone you know… help us make The Good Life the local magazine readers eagerly look forward to each month.

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Writer guidelines

The Good Life is written for and about the residents of Chelan and Douglas counties. All articles need to have a local focus and use local sources. Every month, The Good Life will find local people who are chasing down thrills, who are wandering off the beaten path, who are finding the joy of adventure in their daily lives.

We will highlight events and activities that our readers can take part in. We’ll pass along great ideas about where you can dine on something a little different, where you can watch and listen to the new, where you can come upon a new experience. We will look around our daily environments and pass along what’s new in the home and life spaces we enjoy. We’ll pay attention to our health, too, by looking at some common health problems among active people and write about solutions. The body may occasionally break down, but as long as the spirit is strong, we can keep on going on.

We will shine a light on people are are finding new — or old — ways of being kind to the land, who through their volunteer work are good neighbors and friends to the community. We like our stories to be a little inspirational, so when the reader finishes, he or she might say: “We could do something like that!”

Feature articles generally run 500 to 1,000 words. Articles can be assigned or ideas can be e-mailed to the editor, Mike Cassidy, at editor. It is a good idea to e-mail the editor prior to starting on an article so we can dMarch 2016 cover for The Good Lifeiscuss it. Deadlines are typically set four weeks before the magazine goes to the printer. (The magazine generally goes to the printer about a week before the end of the month.) All of the stories should revolve around people. We are looking for people who are actively involved and who are passionate about a subject that will interest our readers.

The writer needs to tell their stories using anecdotes, wit, wisdom, revealing quotes and the humor that is available. Articles should be written in Microsoft Word or another common program, and submitted as an attachment to an e-mail. Photos enhance articles and should accompany most articles. Writers should arrange for their own photos. Photos should be submitted as attachments to e-mails. They need to be saved in a high resolution (i.e., 300 dpi) or as large a size as possible, and can be either TIFF or JPEG format.

We will not publish stories that have previously been published locally. However, articles that are re-writes of material that was published in a niche national or regional publication may be accepted.

For further information, please contact the editor:
Mike Cassidy
E-mail: editor
(509) 888-6527