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By Mike Irwin

In a terrain of low contours and open sky, verticals excite the eye. 

Windmills, grain silos, power poles, two-story farmhouses punctuate the Waterville Plateau like exclamation points. “Look here!” they shout to passersby.  

I won’t attempt to bluff my way through identifying this structure or its purpose. Near Mansfield, the tower has a door and window for Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, electricity for lights and machinery, and height for … well, not sure what. Fuel depot? Pumping station? Fancy-schmancy outhouse? I skipped going inside because hornets had already nested. 

Otherwise, the building is yet another fine example of simple design in the middle of nowhere. 

It’s a stub of solidity with nary a curlicue, which means smooth construction, easy maintenance and muscled sturdiness against harsh weather conditions. 

In 15 years of wandering and photographing the plateau, I’ve come to admire buildings in which form follows function, even when I don’t know what the heck that function is.

You can see more of Mike Irwin’s photographs and commentary at IrwinFoto365.com.

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