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Pet Tales October 2019

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Mailee Goller, Wenatchee, and Samson

Mailee Goller, Wenatchee walks Samson daily.

Samson is a 3 1/2-year-old Alaskan Malamute.

“He was the size of a football when we got him (at five weeks), said Mailee, and she carried him around clutched in her arm like a football player carries a football.

“He now weighs 175 pounds.

“Samson is a good cuddler and super sweet,” she added.

Living at Riverside apartments, Mailee said it was convenient to walk the dog. “And Samson has a lot of friends.”

Asked if Samson slobbered a lot, Mailee said, “Yes! You should see the inside of my car!”

Dan Massaro, Wenatchee, and his dog Lmuma

Dan Massaro, Wenatchee, walks his dog Lmuma every day.

Lmuma is a 3-year-old Lab mix.

“She is really a sweet, easy dog. I have no problems with her. She doesn’t bark,” said Dan.

Lmuma was part of the prison Ridge Dog program so she is very well behaved.

Dan says he also likes to take Lmuma to Club Pet, the doggie day care at the Wenatchee Humane Society, “because she comes home tired.”

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