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Northwest lifestyle among the trees

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By Cary Ordway

Trees, trees, trees — we actually dreamt about trees when we were living in sunny San Diego. 

It was 14 years of weather bliss, but also 14 years without trees. Palm trees are nice, but they don’t replace the iconic forests of the Pacific Northwest. 

And so it was when we came home to live closer to grandkids, one of our top priorities was to live near trees. 

Navarre Coulee fit the bill, with the added advantage of Lake Chelan being five minutes away. Gone were the swimming pool and palm trees, but in their place was this forest of real, honest-to-goodness Northwest trees.

Living a Northwest lifestyle, for us, means a tractor instead of a lawn mower, and a strange contraption San Diegans wouldn’t recognize — a snow blower. 

A third of an acre down there meant maintaining a few plants. Six acres up here means becoming a part-time park maintenance worker. San Diego means lots of traffic. Navarre Coulee means 10 miles to the nearest store, and light years to the nearest In-N-Out Burger.

It’s all good — you just have to know what you’re getting into. 

But about those trees. Glorious as they are, they’ve now cost me two of my hobby drones that, for whatever reason, seem drawn to trees like bees to honey.

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