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Me, Maverick & a camera: So much to see

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“I think this is the best osprey photo I’ve ever taken — just a couple of weeks ago, walking along the Loop Trail with my dog, Maverick,” said Guy Miner.

 By Guy Miner

Well, our governor said it was okay to take a walk, or go for a bike ride… So, I threw caution to the wind and decided that a kayak paddle would substitute for riding a bike, though I know our governor dearly loves his bike rides. 

So, I’ve been alternating, a day at home doing yard work, then a day when I walk several miles with my most awesome dog, Maverick. Maverick insists that we haul a camera along on our walks, and that was a great idea, because we’ve seen some wonderful things on our walks. 

Maverick is particularly fond of the Horan Natural Area, though the Dunes and the 19th Street area of the Loop Trail are also good. 

He likes places that smell of quail, pheasant and other wild things. He smells ’em, I just walk and look, and work the camera for Mav. Lack of opposing thumbs hampers his efforts with the camera. 

At home we built two raised garden beds: eight feet long, three feet wide, and about 16 inches deep. Filled them with rich topsoil and planted quite a crop — tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, strawberries and more. We’re all very much looking forward to the bounty of our garden! 

Walking… We’ve watched deer, Millie the Moose and our ospreys returned in the first week of April and have been amazingly active. 

The pair of eagles returned to their nest in the Horan Natural Area and seem to be quite busy near that spot. We’ve found quail and pheasant, which greatly pleased Maverick. He apologized for nearly pulling me over in his enthusiasm to close in on those birds. Fortunately I outweigh him by, ahem, never mind, I’m heavier than the dog, let’s leave it at that. 

The kayak has only been out a few times. Mav is not yet kayak trained, we’re working on that slowly. 

From the kayak I get a different look at the scenery and the wildlife — deer, osprey, eagles, even the great blue heron. All are easier to approach. 

I learned to beware the current from the Wenatchee River, it’s running strong now. Even paddling out from the swim area at Walla Walla Point Park, into the Columbia, the strong current tugged at the bow of my kayak and threatened to swirl me around. 

Guy and Maverick, out for a walk in the park.

Spring is a wonderful time here in our area. So many birds have returned to Wenatchee. I’m getting photos of goldfinch, warblers, red-winged blackbirds, ducks, geese, mergansers and of course the eagles and osprey. 

So — I’ve been taking this time to spend more time walking with my dog, and photographing the natural beauty of our area. It’s actually been very good for me. 

I miss coffee with my friends. I miss shopping at Pybus. But, it’s been a good time for me, as I not-so-patiently wait for restrictions to ease. 

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