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Bird Folly

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Local Wenatchee artist-photographer Jean O’Keeffe loves to create artwork using a variety of computer software programs to develop her creative expressions.

Typically, Jean will start with one of her photographs on a computer “blank canvas,” similar to how a painter begins. From there, layers and images are added to create her unique vision.

Bird Folly is an example of her favorite composition technique. 

This artwork began as a single photograph of a tree trunk. Jean added individual layers for the background, sun and birds, which were separately enhanced with texture, filters, color changes, shape, or design. Each layer was then arranged on the canvas to create a blended photo-composite image. With all elements in place, the final artwork is a reflection of Jean’s definitive artistic style.

More of Jean’s work can be seen at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Wenatchee, or on her website www.macroabundanceart.com.

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