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Best day in 2020 winner: Am I bragging? Maybe. Am I proud? Yes.

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“The lake in the picture is Lake Ann and those mountains behind it, well that was what I hiked. I still have a hard time believing that I did it and it is a day I will never forget,” said Candi West.

By Candi West

This is actually an easy one for me.

Feb. 11, 2020 I started my weight loss journey because I had just let myself go. I have grandchildren that I really could no longer play with because of my morbid obesity.

I started walking and could barely do a mile. Well on Sept. 20, I completed Bloomsday’s “virtual” marathon, which is a 12k.

But my most memorable day was on Sept. 30 when I completed the Heather Maple Loop Trail that is up off of the North Cascades.

It is deemed a HARD hike at 7.2 miles long and an elevation gain of 2,188 feet. I had three people doubt that I could do it… but I DID IT! 

It wasn’t easy, that is for sure, but it also wasn’t as hard as I had planned for.

I gave myself eight hours to complete it and I walked out in under five hours.

Am I bragging? Maybe. Am I proud? Yes. 

I am now 54 years old, 65 pounds lighter than when I started and due to the valley we live in, my walking and hiking opportunities are endless.

Candi West lives in the Chelan Valley where the scenery is beautiful and the sidewalks are endless.

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