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Best day in 2020: Our stories continue: Filling a heart with joy

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Nana Weaver and her writing companion Camille: The highlight of 2020.

By Judy Weaver

I wrote a story that was published in June edition of The Good Life about writing stories through the mail with my granddaughter, Camille. 

Camille and I had a great time March through August writing and exchanging chapters in two different stories: The Silly Dragon and The Two Friends: Rabbit and Chick. I could hardly wait to get the next chapter from Camille each week. 

In late August, my husband and I drove over to Seattle to pick Camille up and bring her back over to Leavenworth to spend a couple of days with us. 

Sadly, we were in a horrific car accident before we got back home to Leavenworth. Camille was sent by ambulance to Harbor View Hospital in Seattle. My husband and I were x-rayed and bandaged in the Monroe emergency room. Our car was totaled. 

Needless to say, our biggest worry was regarding Camille and her well-being. She had a broken leg and a broken finger. In addition, she had surgery to repair her pelvis with screws and a pin. It was an emotional and painful time for all of Camille’s family. 

Camille could not put weight on her leg for almost three months. Every week we received news that a cast was coming off, or that Camille was doing physical therapy, or that Camille was able to write again because the splint on her hand was removed. We were grateful for every piece of good news. 

Between August and November there was no story writing between Camille and her Nana (me). I sorely missed our letter exchanges and our written communication. 

And then one day, literally out of the blue, an envelope arrived in the mail addressed to Nana and Papa from Camille. I could hardly wait to rip open the envelope. There it was… Chapter one in a new story. The new story is called: The Lazy Cow

Now this may all sound like a minor event in 2020, but from this Nana’s viewpoint, it was the highlight of the 2020. 

Receiving the first chapter in our new story filled my heart with joy.

It was and continues to be a reminder to me that the little every day events in our lives are sometimes more important and more meaningful than those bigger events. 

Now, here I am, anxiously awaiting Chapter 13 of The Lazy Cow. Oh, the joy of anticipation!

Judy Weaver is a retired elementary school principal. During non-pandemic days she teaches memoir writing classes in Leavenworth and beyond.

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