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Best day in 2020: It’s the BEST Day because I live here & I live now

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Autumn comes to the Columbia River on the Loop Trail — a great reason to be happy to live here.

By Marilyn Sherling

What makes the best day for me? 

Any day at all that I wake up in the USA. Especially in Washington state, and in Wenatchee.

It’s the best day because I wake up every day to a roof over my head, to a car in the carport, and gasoline to make it run. 

My best day has enough money in the bank to buy my groceries and put some clothes on my back. It’s a best day because I have health insurance, car insurance, fire and police departments to help when I need them. I have heat in my house in the winter and cool in the summer. 

It’s a best day because I have the freedom to worship as I choose, to have friends and family to share my life with, access to education and the freedom to go where I want. 

It’s a best day because I live in a place where there are lakes and mountains and trees and fields and birds and wildlife right here in my backyard.

There are so many times during the past history of this world and so many places on the globe that I could have been born. But, I am so thankful I wasn’t. 

I could have been born in the middle of the Crusades, during the havoc of the first century Roman empire, in the throes of the Russian revolution, in the middle of a war zone anywhere in the world. So many places and times where life was hard and tragic and sometimes impossible.

So, it’s The BEST Day because I live here and I live now. I realize my life is privileged. I realize many people go through difficulties and tragedies I know nothing about. 

So, I am very thankful for my life on this very best day.

Marilyn Sherling grew up in the San Fernando Valley of California, lived most of her adult life in the Seattle area and moved to Wenatchee 15 years ago, where she is very happy to have retired.

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  1. Sue Foster says:

    What a beautiful article, Marilyn! I heartily agree 💗

  2. Evelyn Gildersleeve says:

    What a wonderful article. We do live in the best place.
    Thank you Marilyn Sherling for expressing it so wonderfully.

  3. Arlene Taylor says:

    Thankfulness makes for best days. Thank you for reminding us of that.

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