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Best Day entry: The best day is when you’re told you have more days

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By Diana Rigelman

It’s a challenge to pick a best day in 2019, because many days had times of inspiration and victory. 

Small moments can make big memories too. Like color splashed across Wenatchee skies or the gift songbirds bring. 

Diana Rigelman, right, walks the loop trail with her daughter, Linnea Rigelman, four weeks after surgery.

Then there are days that change your life forever. Like the day my biopsy came back positive for squamous cell carcinoma. 

When tongue cancer knocked, the value of my days became heightened by the ugly threat I might have fewer days left than I’d hoped for. 

I expected surgery and recovery to be brutal. But waiting for a report that would declare my future wasn’t easy either. 

Time ticked slowly those days of waiting, waiting, waiting between the surgeon’s finished work and the pathologist’s analysis. Fear of the unknown tried to invade my thoughts. 

I focused on healing and hope, refusing to dwell on hellish possibilities. With gratefulness for days already lived and a belief I wouldn’t be alone in whatever happened next, there was also peace in the uncertainty. 

Finally the day arrived. The pathologist’s report delivered the miracle I’d prayed for. I had clear margins and clean lymph nodes. Painful tongue cancer was not going to end my life. 

Though I left the hospital without a chunk of my tongue and sporting a surgical cut across my throat… I’m free to heal, free to dream again for a future that I will be in. 

My daughter got engaged this past summer. There will be a life-changing wedding day in her near future. And I get to be there to share it. 

Every day is a gift. 

That’s the best day ever — when you have confidence your time on the earth isn’t over — that there is more life in your life to live! 

By God’s grace, there will be more sunsets to experience, trails to explore and another day to embrace those I love. 

Diana Rigelman is self employed, working from home, and thoroughly wowed by Wenatchee 

Valley’s beauty.

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  1. Carolyn Long Soldier says:

    My dear friend, once again you amaze me with your life. Your experiences, your Raw honesty in the way you have lived , and yet another situation where you have shown remarkable hope and trust in the Lord, with resilience once again. You always inspire me to be better than I am. I was challenged to pray with more conviction, faith, hope and belief in the promises of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I look forward to seeing you again soon. I love you! Carolyn LongSoldier

  2. Carol Ciresi says:

    Diana,you are gifted in your ability to share your heart with words. Thank you for sharing and praise God for your favorable report. Congratulations on Linnea’s engagement!

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