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A former difficult student was inspired by Mrs. Nelson

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I was one of THOSE kids in school. 

I remember my first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Connie Nelson with such love and fondness. Mostly because she was always kind and loving towards me. 

I very distinctly remember having an extremely difficult time (probably a tantrum) and she pulled me into her lap and just let me cry on her. 

That day, I looked at her and told her that I was going to be a teacher when I grew up so I could make kids feel better too. Connie Nelson is quite literally the reason I became a teacher.

Some 41 years after I was in her class, I am (advancing) with my own students to the next grade. I’m doing so because they are so emotionally needy and have made such progress this year that I jumped at the opportunity to stay with them.

Not only did Mrs. Nelson reach me and change my life by simply loving me, but she instilled that love for the troubled kids into my heart. 

Because of her love, I became a teacher and love my students. Who knows who might be inspired in my classroom because of the patient love Connie Nelson shared with me?

Andrea Wallin is teaching in Nampa, Idaho. She wrote the above memory after serendipitously meeting Connie’s son-in-law, who is secondary instructional director at the Nampa school district.

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