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The joy of bike riding cycles around again

By on April 25, 2021 in Outdoor Fun with 1 Comment
Judy Weaver and her electric bike: Exploring a beautiful place on two wheels.

By Judy Weaver 

I have loved riding a bike since I was just a kid growing up in a small town in Arizona. 

My first bike was red and “used.” It was given to me by my mother’s friend because we could not afford to buy one. I rode that bike until it quite literally broke in half.

Since then, my husband and I have had some standard bikes including a tandem that we rode for several years. When we moved back to the Northwest we each had a bike, but found that we didn’t ride them very often — since it is pretty hilly in Leavenworth and many of the streets do not have bike paths.

So, between a combination of getting older and finding it more difficult to take longer walks or regular bike rides, I was frustrated. I yearned to spend more time outside enjoying this beautiful area and getting some much-needed exercise. 

Of course, living through a year’s worth of a pandemic did not help with the frustration. 

As a result of that frustration, my husband and I decided to explore the possibility of purchasing electric bikes. Several of our age-bracket friends already had e-bikes and seemed very pleased with them. We began doing some research on types and styles of e-bikes.

We were also encouraged in this process by our daughter and her husband who are both bike riders. They really encouraged us to pursue the purchase of electric bikes. (A side note: our daughter and her husband, on any given day, will easily bike 40 miles.) 

So, the hunt began. We checked out a variety of local bike stores and found the perfect bikes. We had a hitch installed on our car. We purchased a rack with a ramp so we could easily load our bikes. We already had bike helmets, so we were ready. 

We have taken several short bike rides around the area and have loved every outing. I can honestly say that I am “almost” obsessed with riding my new bike daily. 

When we called and told our daughter and son-in-law that we had biked six miles, they couldn’t have been happier for us. 

Needless to say, getting these bikes has already been a worthwhile experience. 

We will probably be “fair-weather” riders, but when it is over 55 degrees and not raining too hard — you will find two “seniors” out on their bikes with smiles on their faces enjoying this beautiful area, exploring new bike paths and getting that much needed exercise. 

Judy Weaver is a retired elementary principal. She teaches memoir writing classes for adults in Leavenworth and Wenatchee. She has had added bike riding to her daily activities.

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  1. adam wilson says:

    Your bike life story is almost similar to mine

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