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It’s spring! it’s spring! it’s spring!

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Rhodies spread their color.
New maple leaves on fire for spring.
Dogwood days are here.
Diana Rigelman: Slow down, Mother Nature.

By Diana Rigelman

Bees are buzzing while dogwoods seem to bark, “Look at me! I’m all dressed up in my hot color best.” 

Mother Nature has brought her splendor to the Valley once again. Perhaps the winter wasn’t really as long nor harsh as it seemed, when Isolation took its toll on routine and my frame of mind. But here we are. 

What seemed like it might be dead is very much alive this May, and it’s a banquet for the eyes. 

Balsamroot and lupin bloom on the hills while rhododendron spreading under the pines radiate color. 

Even new maple leaves seem on fire with color. 

There were a few plants that didn’t make it in my yard, as my empty planters now attest. But soon enough I’ll find something to transplant. 

During these few special weeks of color, I wish Mother Nature wasn’t in a hurry. Couldn’t she linger, slow down just a few more days? 

Already the cherry blossoms rain down on the grass like colorful snow. Purple fragrant lilac is turning pink, before their precious petals will be loose on the wind. 

Birds are greedy visitors at the bird feeder outside my kitchen window. 

I’m trying to take a mental picture of it all, to remember how blessed it is to be alive and share this feast Momma Nature prepared. 

Diana loves taking pictures and has 4 million views of her pictures on Google Guides. 

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