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Emerging from the fog

By on February 22, 2021 in Outdoor Fun with 0 Comments

By Marc Dilley

It was one of those dimly lit mid November days in the upper Icicle Valley, where wispy clouds would roll in, blot out the sun and then, like a wave on the beach, recede then repeat the cycle. 

The fiery red and brilliant yellow leaves of October had finally given up, now shades of brown. 

It was early afternoon and I was scrambling around my favorite granite slabs in the mouth of the Icicle Canyon, hoping to find dynamic light in this changeable fog. Some brilliant person once said “Luck favors the prepared.” Maybe it was Edna Mode, I forget. 

It takes me about 10 trips out to shoot one image that I really like. This day was trip No. 10. 

I scrambled towards a large granite slab that I had explored for more than a decade. The fog/clear air interface was the middle elevation of the slab. I could move up or down elevation at will to control the amount of fog density I wanted. 

Now shooting pictures, at first I rushed, struggling to shoot as many good exposures as possible before the fog dissipated. But the fog did not move! For hours! One of the best creative afternoons ever. And right in my backyard.

Marc is a Leavenworth photographer who has been shooting for about 45 years. More of his work can be viewed at marcdilley.com

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