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A great time to take a fresh walk at the ancient lakes

By on March 29, 2018 in Outdoor Fun with 1 Comment

Ancient Lakes by photographer Tim McCord

By Tim McCord 

Mid-March through April is one of the best times to hike around the Ancient Lakes area near Quincy.

The lakes are full, the waterfalls are flowing, the buttercups are out, and you don’t need to worry too much about dry heat or rattlesnakes.

There are a few different ways to get to the lakes. I enjoy taking the trail on the east side right before the Stan Coffin Lake. You hike in a little way and you approach Judith Pool.

During high runoff, you will get to see two waterfalls. Hike down about a half mile and you come up to the three Ancient Lakes and you are on top of a waterfall flowing into one of these lakes.

Hike down to the many trails leading to the other lakes and also there is another lake to the south called Dusty Lake.

The next time I go, I will take the west trailhead near the Columbia River for a different view and perspective of the area.

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  1. Visiton says:

    There are actually alot of similar-looking lakes here, in Poland. Wish there was more blogs/sites showing those beautiful places. It would help alot showing a different kind of leisure 🙂 You deffinetly visit Poland and see for your self what this country offers!

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