"Live a good life, and in the end, it’s not the years in the life, it’s the life in the years."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a gift subscription to The Good Life?

Send an e-mail to donna with your credit card info, along with your name and the name and address of the recipient. We will add them to the mail list, plus send them a card notifying them of your generosity.

Or, you can mail a check ($30 for addresses within Washington, $35 for addresses in the U.S. but outside of Washington) to:

The Good Life subscription services
1107 East Denny Way, Apt. B7
Seattle, WA 98122

Or, you can order subscriptions online here

How do I submit my story to The Good Life?

Life needs a little adventure. Whether you are finding yours around the corner or at the ends of the earth, The Good Life readers want to share in your passion. Tell us what you are doing and we’ll help you tell a good story.

Send us at e-mail at editor with your story, or attach your document to the e-mail. The editor will contact you before the story is published.

How do I suggest someone else for a story?

Have you just heard of personal doings from a friend or neighbor that fascinated you? That made you think: “Boy, that would be fun to do”? Drop us an e-mail at editor, and we’ll try to get that story into the pages of The Good Life.

When and how often does The Good Life come out?

We publish near the end of each month, with the magazine going into the mail by the last Wednesday of each month.

Where can I buy a single issue of The Good Life?

We are on newsstands at several local businesses, including local Safeway stores, Mike’s Meats at Pybus, Martin’s Market Place (Cashmere) and Dan’s Food Market (Leavenworth).

In addition, you can purchase back issues of The Good Life online at: http://www.ncwgoodlife.com/back-issues