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Artist update: Sherry Krebs

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Wenatchee music-maker Sherry Krebs, seen here with a morning sip, still loves to play her instruments but is unabashedly gleeful about retirement from decades of tightly-scheduled rehearsals, classes and concerts.  

‘I certainly am getting my money’s worth out of my house payment’

Five years ago in The Good Life, we predicted that “It’s very possible that Sherry Krebs will never run out of energy. Certainly she will never lack for enthusiasm.” 

The all-around-town Energizer bunny of a musician is proving us right — in the midst of COVID 19 she’s still making music when and where she can.

 Sherry stepped away from long-standing roles as director and conductor for the all-district musical and Musical Theatre of Wenatchee and full-time elementary school music teacher. She remains the Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra’s percussionist. (For the Jan. 30 concert, she plays in The Danzon 2 by Marquez and a novelty piece called Junk Funk.) 

 When near-normal returns, she’ll rejoin the All Strings Considered musicians and knows she’ll say yes to requests to play in the community. She said that’s been a constant and, “Playing for only three weddings in 10 months is definitely a change.”

 What else is happening now? 

The little secret that some retired people share is that  sequestering at home, despite pandemic fears, can have its own quiet pleasures. 

As she approaches 70 after what she called “extreme service” for almost 50 years, Sherry said she’s delved into knitting and quilting projects, kept keen on British mysteries, baked designer sourdough loaves, reconnected with friends in the U.K. and played a weekly (socially distanced) Yahtzee date with a friend.

 “I certainly am getting my money’s worth out of my house payment,” she said. 

And one of the nicest surprises for her is with everyone on the block staying home, Sherry has made good friends with her neighbors. 

 She’s also rediscovered a once-favorite pastime. 

She was introduced to an online recorder presenter “who, once a week, posts music and videos of each part of the ensemble being played. One can play along on any of the parts while she plays the rest. It’s been wonderful fun.” 

When travel becomes possible again, Sherry is planning a trip to England to visit old friends and join her new teacher in real-time, in-person recorder workshops.

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