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Artist update: Brian Ohme

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Using his enhanced home studio, East Wenatchee singer, songwriter and guitarist Brian Ohme has recently produced what he calls “audiobiograpgical” material.

‘Keep your ears open; I may take another turn around the block’

In 2010, fans enjoyed Brian Ohme’s eclectic trio SumGuy playing the naturally grown music he characterized then as “spiritual, humorous, about truth — searching, persevering, and taking chances. . .” 

Brian, who is a poet, singer and guitarist, was delving deeply into songwriting and “discovered a new creative spring of words, often inseparable from the music.” He said he’d coax out a new riff, and then, “I watch the little universe in my mind for ideas.” 

Soon, a worsening hearing loss made it difficult to collaborate on stage, and he realized he had to give up one of his greatest joys, working live with other musicians. 

Brian said of that transition, “I do miss the connection of performing; it was great fun to howl along with the audience, and I am forever grateful to those who came along for the SumGuy ride.”

However, 10 years later, now his improved home studio in East Wenatchee with its controlled volume and headphones allows him to record a deep trove of original music, experiment with new compositions, arrange solo multi-tracks and even jam with other musicians. 

Pre-COVID, he also created a performing space called BYO in Wenatchee’s Warehouse 3 that he hopes to get back to.

At 62, Brian has found exhilaration in experimenting as well as solace in past work. 

First mentored by his father, he’s been making music since his teens. “I have recordings going back over 40 years,” he said. “Hard to imagine the amount of material there is to sift through, everything from piles of cassette tapes through hundreds of digital tracks. Most of them are pretty raw, some even cringe worthy, but taken together have become sort of an audiobiography.”

You can hear rough drafts of his ever-growing song catalogue at brianohme.bandcamp.com and watch music videos (“with weird slide shows”) on his YouTube channel. 

But personal gigs aren’t out of the question. Brian asks his friends and fans to “keep your ears open; I may take another turn around the block once we can gather again.”

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