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Doug Milner: ‘These moments are electrifying’

By Doug Milner

I have so many fond memories from this last season of competing in triathlons with my girls.

My favorite are centered around race day morning.

In triathlon, like most endurance sports, you spend six to eight months or even years, training and preparing for three to five, 2 1/2 hour races a year.

That creates this intense pressure that crescendos as your age group wave starts the race.

The moments leading up to that release are filled with intense emotions of excitement, fear, dread, worry and hopeful expectation.

As a support person you can feel that energy, as a competitor it’s almost overwhelming. Did I sleep enough this week? Did I hydrate properly? Will I cramp on the course today? What if I have a flat on my bike? Did I bring my running shoes? Oh no, did I forget my spare tube? Did I train hard enough? Who will I be racing against today? Will I be last? Do I have a shot at being on the podium?

Every nerve ending feels primed to respond.

We have our favorite song list we blare over the car speakers as we begin to approach the race venue. Songs like Hall of Fame and Lose Yourself.

We rack our bikes, arrange our running shoes and take one last nervous pee prior to donning our wetsuits and heading down to water’s edge.

We often huddle together with our #1 fan and gear Sherpa, Tami Milner (wife and mother of this crazy crew) as well as any other family members and close supporters for one last prayer before taking our place at the starting line.

These moments are electrifying and it is one of the reasons many of the adrenaline junkies are lined up beside us.

However, to have the privilege to experience and partake in these moments with my own daughters is something I know I will treasure for years to come.

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