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The Wine Girl beckons us in

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Bright new wine labels from Wine Girl Wines promote a local tie-in, like this one with a Leavenworth theme. Other labels feature Lake Chelan and Steven’s Pass.

Bright new wine labels from Wine Girl Wines promote a local tie-in, like this one with a Leavenworth theme. Other labels feature Lake Chelan and Steven’s Pass.

By Alex Saliby

Several years ago, Angela Jacobs moved her Wine Girl Wines winery from the Seattle area to Manson.

It wasn’t long before she and her wines were well known in this area.

Her wines developed a following which has enabled her to enlarge her winery and open a second tasting room in Leavenworth.

The Manson facility is home base for the winery; it is still there, remodeled, with comfortable back and side yard areas for sitting and sipping while enjoying the sunshine, the Lake Chelan air, and some excellent wines.

She and her wines have many fans, but an often-heard comment was, “I wish you were closer to us.” (Leavenworth, Wenatchee and surrounding area.)

Alex SalibySo, almost three years ago, owner, winemaker and barrel and bottle washer, Angela K. Jacobs, made some moves. She got engaged and married, and she and her new husband opened a second tasting room in downtown Leavenworth.

Recently, Joanne and I stopped in at the Leavenworth tasting room to familiarize ourselves with the wines and taste the new ones.

In my opinion, there is something for every wine lover to enjoy, from the friendly staff to the marvelous wines.

All the wines are well made: five whites, a rosé and four reds, including a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon made exclusively from Agate Fields Vineyard grapes in the Yakima Valley.

Team Angela has also broken with tradition and changed labels on all the wines with a new Wine Girl Wine theme that is an attention getter to say the least. Just visit the website to preview the new labels.

And, if you are lucky, you might get to see Angela and Todds’ finest production to date: a beautiful baby daughter.

More new wine-related activities are taking place in downtown Leavenworth.

For starters, the mall building on 9th Street near the corner of Commercial Street has undergone some remodeling and a temporary sign has been posted on the window of the door, announcing “Coming Soon: 6 Wine Tasting Rooms.”

Details about which wineries are coming to town remain a bit of a mystery, but a few weeks ago, Danielle Clement at Baroness Cellars announced that she’ll be vacating her space at 939 Front Street, and is in the process of moving to this new 9th Street Mall building.

Baroness Cellars will also be celebrating its seventh anniversary this summer at that Front Street location.

I’ve had no word yet as to what or who might be moving into the space or if another beverage producer might be coming to town.

Exactly who the other five wineries are that will be occupying those spaces on 9th Street remains a bit of a mystery. Please note that I’ve resisted the impulse to venture into the arena of spreading rumors.

A new retail wine and cider tasting shop has opened across the street from this 9th Street mall location of coming tasting rooms.  This is the project of Becky Driscoll and her husband.  The space is open for business now, but Becky is still working at making adjustments to the interior.  Grand opening will happen in June, exact date to be determined.

In other parts of our tri-county area, so much more is coming that I have had difficulty determining where to head next.

I do know that Ray Sandidge has broken ground on his planned and soon-to-come new wine production facility off Boyd Road at Lake Chelan. More news will be coming from me on this development in the not too distant future.

One thing to keep in mind is that this new CSR winery facility will also be a custom crush facility where others who might be aspiring to venture into wine making will be able to take their grapes and have them destemmed and crushed to begin the process of making their wines.

I’ll close with a confession of sorts: I confess to being eagerly awaiting the arrival at Pybus Farmers Market of the new Lupine Cellars’ latest bottling of Viognier. Perhaps we’ll see you there sometime this summer.

Alex Saliby is a wine lover who spends far too much time reading about the grapes, the process of making wine and the wines themselves. He can be contacted at alex39@msn.com.

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