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What was your best day in 2019?

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Mike Cassidy

By Mike Cassidy


Yes, I realize 2019 has lots of fine days left, but we are starting to gather entries in our “Best Day of 2019” contest.

We are looking for stories about days that popped in your life… maybe you crossed off an item on your bucket list, or reached a goal, or found yourself walking strange streets, holding a new life, or discovered a new talent, set out on a new path, got a surprising check in the mail, made a difference in someone’s life, began a new chapter in your life.

Write us an email — 200 to 500 words or so — telling us of your best day in 2019. Send along some digital photos, too.

And, to help start off 2020 in a good way, we’ll award one of the stories a $100 prize.

Cool, right?

Send your stories — and digital photos — to me at                           editor@ncwgoodlife.com.

We’ll publish stories in the January edition, so please add a one sentence bio for yourself at the bottom of the story.

Get busy… it’s later than you think.

Writer Susan Lagsdin likes to kid me that when she suggested an ongoing series of stories about local artists, I said something like: “Good idea. Although I think we only have a handful of local artists. The series should last four or five months.”

That was a bit more than eight years ago, and in the around 100 issues of The Good Life since, we have published nearly 200 of these Artist Sketches.

And, Susan has two more in this issue, with more lined up into the new year.

I’m not making the same mistake with Sarah Shaffer.

Sarah is the executive director of WenatcheeOutdoors, the local website that covers such topics as hiking, biking, climbing, paddling, trail running and skiing in the region.

She has proposed — and we have accepted — an idea for a series of stories about local athletes to be jointly published at WenatcheeOutdoors and in The Good Life.

The first story is this month, about a remarkable woman named Anja Petterson, who runs trails in sandals, has broken the women’s record for the Enchantments trail, is a former dog musher, displays a great joy in the outdoors — and will relax with a beer in the evenings. 

Says Sarah about this series: “I have felt very inspired by our community and their outdoor pursuits, especially this year.”

As to who she will interview, she added, “It doesn’t have to be an elite athlete, or someone of a specific age group or demographic, simply someone who inspires others to get outdoors more.”

We’re calling this series The Athletic Life. 

How long will it last? 

Considering the number of people I see running, hiking, biking, canoeing, and the like locally, I’m making no predictions. 

I’m not going to have two local writers laughing at my expense.

Get going, you can still have your best day, and enjoy The Good Life.

— Mike

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