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We cluck for chicken stories

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Mike Cassidy

By Mike Cassidy


I never knew chickens were so popular.

Oh, I like to eat fried chicken and the eggs live hens produce, but beyond idly thinking that “someday” when I move to the farm in my dotage it would be fun to watch the herky-jerky motions of chickens chasing bugs, I don’t spend much time talking about these wacky birds.

Yet, apparently, mention “chickens” in a conversation and someone will be eager to share a story.

My son, visiting from Boise recently, told of the pleasure he finds with his flock of hens.

“The thing I like the most is greeting them all in the morning,” he said. “They run up to me and get all the scraps from the day before. They make so much noise when they see me coming and give nice little clucks as they are devouring the goodies.”

At the mention of chickens, my mind went to Susan Sampson and her story this month (see page 34) about these quintessential farm outbuildings.

She grew up around chicken coops, but was still surprised at how many people had their own stories.

Said Susan in an email:

“When I ran the chicken coop essay past my writing group, immediately I started hearing chicken stories. 

“Mary Roy has enough chicken material that she plans to assemble a book. 

“Cheryl Siler Adkins wrote about the house she rented as a young woman, newly single with a little boy to raise. She lived in a house comprised of three chicken coops cobbled together to make living quarters for humans, but the ceilings were only six feet high, so her taller friends didn’t stick around much. 

“I suspect that if you used a chicken piece and allowed feedback, you’d get lots of it.”

 If readers want to share their chicken and chicken coop stories, lay them on us.

We are in our 15th year of publishing The Good Life, but still, stories of what people do and want to do come along that surprise us.

Jeff W. Radford writes this month about diving and exploring beautiful areas of Indonesia (see page 10). That story and photos taken during a trip in 2019 are nice indeed.  

Then, I asked Jeff if — now that COVID restrictions are being phased out — he had future scuba trips in mind.

“There’s a submerged Titan missile silo in eastern Washington that you can scuba dive in.  It’s a deep dive (~130 feet). So that’s on my bucket list,” wrote Jeff in an email.


“Yeah, pretty crazy. Flooded Titan missile silo right in our backyard!” wrote Jeff, who then shared a YouTube video. (You can find it by searching “scuba diving in a Titan 1 nuclear missile silo.”)

I’m not a diver, but I do love snorkeling. 

However, I prefer the pretty reef life, rather than a relic from the Cold War.

Still, bucket list items should be something to stretch for — or dive deep for.

We trust this issue won’t lay an egg. Enjoy The Good Life.

— Mike

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