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Spinning a life out of fantasies

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By Mike Cassidy

We welcome Fantasy artist Aimee Stewart back to the cover this month — her creative self-portrait in April 2012 was one of our most talked-about covers.

Aimee emailed us a few months ago about changes in her life…

“Since publication in 2012, my career has skyrocketed. In 2013 I signed with a new agent in London, and have since become one of the top selling puzzle art makers in the world. So much so, that at the end of 2016 my husband left the realms of full time work to work with me.

“He has also signed with my agent, and now they license his photography on top of him being home to help me. His presence enables me to stay focused in my studio on my artwork, and he is able to take care of everything else that would otherwise distract me.”

“We’ve worked together in the past in two different work settings, and so fully embraced the opportunity to be a ‘dynamic duo’ in this business too! And we still do this all out of a top floor studio room in our home in Cashmere, thanks to the wonders of the internet!”

The Good Life arts writer Susan Lagsdin was eager to interview Aimee again and get her follow-up story, and we were glad to be able to publish examples of her newest fantasy art. See the story and photos.

A second story this month that is totally different — but in some ways rhymes — is about Alison Talbot.

I first met Alison at a GWATA entrepreneur meeting more than a year ago, and after some small talk (she was a friend of my daughter’s and now son-in-law’s when they were all in Wenatchee High School), she said she would email me about her business.

In the email, she explained, “I’m the local mama that started making toxin free, soft sole footwear from home.”

She said she developed the idea after her baby started crawling, and she saw the need for soft but protective footwear.

She accessed local business advice and found a mentor, and a local business that would help her create and distribute her product.

Our high school intern, Cameron Wood, wrote Alison’s story. Check it out.

What I find so cool — so Good Life — about both of these stories is through creativity and imagination, and of course a lot of work, these women are riding the thrill train of birthing and growing a small business, from the comfort of their own homes.

I’m not a person who necessarily agrees that, “if you can dream it, you can do it,” (as I sometimes dream of being the first King of the World, or at the least, Content Czar of Facebook), I do believe latching onto a dream is the path to realizing a richer, more adventurous life.

And always, adventure is in the doing, not in fretting so much about the arriving.

Dream on, and then pick up the tools to begin your journey. Enjoy The Good Life.

— Mike

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