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Feeling down? Look around

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Mike Cassidy

By Mike Cassidy


Back in the day when I was at another publication and I had reporters working for me, I would suggest that when they ran out of stuff to do at their desks, they go out and drive around the community.

The best stories often come from just looking around.

That’s exactly what Mary Bean did in the past year, who saw her neighbors hard at work. 

“My name is Mary,” she wrote us in a recent email, “and I would like to submit an article for publication in your magazine. 

“It is about a local couple who have put their energy into turning their urban yard into a huge organic garden. The feat of clearing the property, moving rocks (lots of rocks), building raised beds, rock walls and installing fencing is impressive (as they grow) their own food organically.”

Sounds like a fun story for us, we said — as we remember all the wasted weekends weeding, moving and edging our own yards in a never-ending fight for the perfect patch of green.

Check out Mary’s story about the “garden of eatin’” on page 12.

Julie Campos has perhaps taken getting out in her community to the extreme — she has set a goal to walk every street in East Wenatchee.

Walking is an eye-opening sport, as a person has time to actually notice their surroundings. “Look at that flower, what’s that in their front yard, I wonder what kind of bird that is?” 

Julie reminded us that, “During the 1870s and 1880s, America’s most popular spectator sport was competitive walking, known as pedestrianism.”

Life is short and can be over too soon. Walking allows us to slow down and actually appreciate the wonders around us.

Marilyn Sherling has taken looking around to the extreme — she enjoys photographing the night skies. Maybe it’s because she grew up in urban southern California where she could barely see stars at night, but now she loves driving to remote locations where the beauty of the night sky is revealed.

We are publishing a couple of her photos on pages 26 and 27. Sometimes, due to the printing process, starry night photos don’t always print well. I can’t tell ahead of time what will happen when the press gets these photos — I hope the stars will shine on the page — but you can see them in all of their glory on our website: www.ncwgoodlife.com. 

And finally, getting out and looking around is exactly what Kristen Lovene McCamey has been doing.

“For the last couple months,” Kristen wrote to us, “to keep my health and sanity through hard times, I have been embarking on three to four hikes per week. It’s my seasonal obsession. 

“Last month I was able to clock in 150 miles of hiking. So that was pretty exciting and a big achievement for me. 

“I try to encourage my friends and family to go with me as well. I’ve also started painting ‘hike rocks’ with people symbols, messages and pictures on them and leaving them at the tops of each hike. Under the rock, I have put a hashtag (#allingoodclimb) that people can tag with a photo of the rock on Instagram. I’m excited to see where these rocks end up.

“I reach out to you because I was able to capture some truly amazing photos on some of these hikes. Would these photos be of any interest to you?”

Yes, Kristen, the photos are indeed of interest to us.

Check out the results starting on page 14.

My wife and I have decided recently to quit watching television news. Every report just filled us with dread.

Instead, we are taking more walks, working on our own projects where our hands and imaginations can make our tiny world better, and spending more time with our family where we hear lots of laughter of little children.

Get out, and — at a safe distance — look around more at your world. Enjoy The Good Life.

— Mike

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