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Contest: Why did you move here?

By on May 28, 2019 in Columnist with 1 Comment
Mike Cassidy

By Mike Cassidy


My wife, Donna, was born in Wenatchee, so maybe it’s not fair to say “we moved here,” but we did… almost 35 years ago.

We were living in a classic, older residential area of Seattle in a fixer-upper we had purchased for about $80,000 (ahhh, those were the days!) when we noticed neighboring homes were selling for over $100,000. 

Our oldest child was approaching school age, and motivated by an uncertainty about our jobs in the 1980’s economy, and our desire to be in our own business, we found a newspaper broker who steered us to what he called “a great opportunity” in Cashmere at a weekly newspaper that “needed a fresh infusion of energy.”

We later learned that “fresh infusion of energy” really meant working six days a week and then cleaning up the odds and sods on Sunday, while pouring whatever profit we made from our house sale into keeping our beloved business alive.

But on the perfectly sunny Saturday in June with our broker walking the Cashmere downtown beside us, all we saw was a perfect “model” town, with its own bank, its own bakery (nicely adjacent to the newspaper office), a main street lined with businesses — just needing a little shove from us to become steady advertisers, according to the broker — and all-in-all, a wonderful place to raise an expanding family.

His glowing words, along with the fact Donna had family locally, (built-in babysitters, mentioned the broker, for the occasional night when we might work late), sealed the deal and we moved east.

Looking back, it took us a decade or more to reach the level of pay we left behind in the big city, and if we would have just held onto our home there, we likely would be millionaires today. 

However, as a lifestyle, the move was a wonderful decision, as was our later move to Wenatchee.

I was reminiscing about that walk through Cashmere recently as “the moment” when we made the decision to move here.

My next thought was: Since I hear anecdotes of people move here for so many different reasons, let’s have a contest asking our readers why did they move here… what was the moment that lit up the light bulb setting the process in motion?

So tell us: Was it love of a special person that got you to move, economic opportunity, the weather (300 days of sunshine, right?), the beauty of the four seasons, schools and/or health care facilities, wanting a small community for your children to grow up in? Or, was it something else?

Or, if you were born here, tell us a moment that confirmed your reasons for never leaving.

We want to publish some of these stories later this summer — and one writer will win our prize of $100 in cool cash.

Send your story of 300-500 words or so  — along with digital photos you may have — to editor@ncwgoodlife.com.

Hurry — people move, and so does time.

The right move can be a fresh start at enjoying The Good Life.

— Mike

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  1. TERI MCGARR says:

    I was living in Aberdeen , Scotland,
    and had reconnected with an old friend from when we were teens, The miracle of Facebook!!
    he told me he had moved to Wenatchee in 2000.
    I knew Wenatchee from when I lived on the west side of the mountains, I had always said one day I’d come home to Washington, but had no idea it would be Wenatchee I’d be loving and calling home. my reason for moving here was simple, The love of a good man.
    The people, The scenery and all that goes with it are plusses.

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