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Can there be any ‘Bests’ in 2020?

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Mike Cassidy

By Mike Cassidy


Oh my goodness.

This is normally the time of year when we ask readers to share their stories about their best day of the year.

We have received stories about truly memorable bucket-list trips, about the day a parent received news their child was cured of a life-threatening illness, about a hike in the woods to celebrate the passing of a dear friend, about the first day of retirement and so many more.

But this year? 2020? With each week seemingly bringing a new bout of bad news, can 2020 have had any best days?

Maybe we are undefeated optimists, but we believe it’s possible to find good in this year.

Recognizing GOOD days is even more important in a BAD year. Having our readers share their best days will help the rest of us remember that good days do exist. 

Write us an email — 200 to 500 words or so — telling us of your best day in 2020. 

Send along some digital photos, too.

We’ll choose one of the writers for a $100 prize.

But be quick… the deadline is Friday, Dec. 4.

Get writing, the prize could go to you… if you’re swift!

Send your story — and high resolution photos — to: editor@ncwgoodlife.com. 

Share your story with the readers of The Good Life magazine about the GOOD in 2020 and make us all feel better.

A couple months ago, we received this inquiry: 

“My name is Anneka Herndon and I bought a house in Cashmere and moved here about a year and a half ago. 

“I am a paraglider pilot and relocated here for not only the amazing valley and access to the mountains but also for the world-class paragliding. It is a fringe sport and our community is quite small compared to other outdoor pursuits around the area, but this place has a deep history with paragliding. 

“There are more and more pilots moving here for the phenomenal cross-country flying opportunities. More people are learning to fly as well, so it’s common and will become more frequent for people to see paragliders floating around the sky in random places.

“I would love to write an article on it for The Good Life…”

Then a month ago, we received an email from Emily Keenan who had this suggestion for us:

“I have an idea for an article for The Good Life. The article is an ‘Ode to Live Music’ in the Wenatchee Valley. During this time where musicians are leaving town, scurrying back to other jobs, and missing each other greatly, I would like to reflect on some of the outstanding moments I have had performing music in the valley.”

Two different stories of people pursuing their passions… just what we are looking for in this publication where optimism rules.

As Emily writes in her article, saying “yes to everything” opened a lot of doors. Enjoy The Good Life, even in this year.

— Mike

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