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A jump day at Lake Wenatchee Park

Lake Wenatchee

By Amanda Fisher

The photo of our new Park Ranger, Paul Tomas, was taken by his girlfriend, Louise Regan, shortly after they moved here from Minnesota by driving cross country.

The couple have settled into a nice cabin on the lake at Lake Wenatchee State Park.

The best way to get acquainted with a new area is to leap right into it — which is what Paul is seen doing here.

Frequent evening strolls with pets along the lakeshore, tranquil picnics in the trees and peaceful kayaking out on the lake are a common occurrence for our staff here during their time off work.

My job at the park is to manage the campgrounds and reservations, facilitate various Junior Ranger and weekend programs in our outdoor amphitheater and ensure that all our visitors have the best experience possible while maintaining a responsible relationship with our natural resources.

A few notable features of our park include primarily the lake, which is what attracted me to this park when I was younger — family trips through the Central Cascades always wound up stopping here to soak in the majestic view, a sight that stuck with me through my school days, to college where I chose my profession in the field of Outdoor Recreation, and finally now, where I am blessed to experience that same sight on a day to day basis.

The lake is perfect for swimming in the summer, fishing during Sockeye season, windsurfing on blustery days, kayaking to Emerald Island and skipping rocks.

Though often overlooked, the short trails we have in both the North and South park are fantastic places to explore our flora and fauna — we’ve seen everything from bears, beavers, moose, foxes to woodpeckers, frogs and bobcats.

Summer season is a zoo, and for good reason, given all the features and amenities here at the lake. It’s a massive playground with endless recreational opportunities both here in the park, and access to the surrounding areas.

Amanda Fisher is a Senior Park Aide and enjoys backpacking, kayaking, taking road trips and shooting nature photography on her time off.

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