"Live a good life, and in the end, it’s not the years in the life, it’s the life in the years."

The Good Life magazine

February 2016 cover of The Good Life

The Good Life magazine is a monthly lifestyle print publication primarily circulating in Wenatchee and the Chelan and Douglas counties area of Washington founded upon the idea the world is a big, beautiful place — we like to find people who are stepping off the usual path in one way or another to find adventure in their lives.

One of our guidelines is that we only report on local people — folks from Chelan and Douglas counties. Our idea is this: other media can go all around the world and come back with stories on war, famine, earthquakes, crime and the like.

We go right down the street and find our neighbors who are doing something extraordinary that maybe, might inspire you to take your own adventure. The variety of our stories never ceases to surprise us: People have shared their adventures of going to some of the most inhospitable places on earth — such as north of the Arctic Circle — to the most hospitable — such as floating down the canals in the French countryside.

Most of our stories, though, take part locally, in the most beautiful area of Washington State, as readers and contributors find adventure close to home. We love the “chapter two” stories where people show us how they have rebounded one of life’s bruises to find new joy in living.

 Finding the Good in Life

We also love to feature volunteers in The Good Life. Our name can be read a couple of different ways. As the good LIFE — in, “let’s party” — or as the GOOD life, as in let’s do good. We have found local people love to help, in causes around the corner and around the globe.

We also frequently publish local outdoors stories. We’ve done mountain biking, hunting down elusive local lakes, hiking at dawn, skiing… and how to find the prettiest wildflowers of spring. In addition to feature articles, we have monthly columns on

The Good Life April 2016 cover

cooking/recipes, local history, life advice, wine and health.

We have what we believe is the best local monthly events column, we offer ideas on “Fun Stuff” concerning dining and events and publish eye-catching local photographs. In our “At Home with The Good Life” section, we publish articles about local homes with interesting stories, along with professional advice for use around the home. We even have a local cartoon — called “Then and Now” — poking gentle fun at our changing times.

What we have tried to do is build an all-local, interesting publication that is not only fun to read, but somewhat motivational, too. In fact, our history columnist, Rod Molzahn, tells the story of shopping in a local market when another customer recognizes him from our pages, and said: “I love your magazine! It’s so inspirational!” And, might we add, fun to read, too.

The Good Life is published by
NCW Good Life, LLC, dba The Good Life 

1107 East Denny Way, Apt. B-7   •   Seattle, WA 98122

BUY A COPY of The Good Life at local Safeway stores, Mike’s Meats at Pybus, Martin’s Market Place (Cashmere), and Dan’s Food Market  (Leavenworth)

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