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My Best Day: Mamas just know things about their children, no matter how old they get

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New father Jesse Johnson holds Miles Dean Johnson on his birth day, weighing in at four pounds, 11 ounces. Mom Cynthia Jeanne made a healthy recovery and the three of them now share a home in Colstrip, MT.

By Michele Peters

Tuesdays and Wednesdays by most accounts are just another average day in the middle of the week. However, a specific 24-hours spanning Tuesday to Wednesday in late August ended up more memorable than most.

My adult son and I share an extra special bond. I gave birth to him when I wasn’t much more than a child. His sudden arrival in my world gave me the purpose and drive I needed to love myself and want more in life, even as a single parent.

This year, we faced another life-changing moment together.

The truth was, I didn’t think it would happen so soon. We both thought we had more time. But, I promised him I would be there even though he was over 800 miles away.

When the concerned call came in, I immediately started making plans. A conversation arranging time off with my boss; a call to my husband; online ticket reservations to fly from Pangborn; a suitcase thrown together, and I headed out as soon as flight schedules allowed.

The plane touched down in Billings after midnight. I didn’t intend to ask him to leave her side at the hospital so I arranged my first Uber ride, ever. This day would bring more than one “first” for me.

At the hospital entrance, he rushed out to plaster me with a long bear-hug. I tangibly felt his worry transform into relief at having me there with him.

Mamas just know things about their children, no matter how old they get. They know. Despite any worries I held in that moment, I put on my game face and told him everything would be all right.

Frankly, things were about to get crazy. Scary crazy.

He took me up to the birthing room where his son, my grandson, was about to be born — three weeks early. Within minutes, the laboring mom’s blood pressure spiked to stroke/seizure levels and the baby’s heart rate dropped drastically. Chaos erupted and the doctors and nurses barged into the room with urgency. I sensed my child feeling his whole world slipping away.

I assured him.

He trembled and shook as he struggled to put the scrubs on for the emergency C-section.

I helped him.

Pulling the baby-blue surgical top over his head, tucking his pants into the bottoms, and tugging the paper slippers over his shoes, I flashed back 25 years. Was I in that room helping a grown man or was I back in time dressing my little boy?

I comforted him.

He silently followed along when the staff wheeled her out of the birthing room. Attempting to hide the tears in the corner of my eyes, I told him it was going to be okay.

Forty-five minutes felt like hours when the nurse finally came with news. My first concern was that everybody was okay. Once assured, it sunk in: I was a grandmother. And, my son was a father.

The love in my heart multiplied a thousand times that day.

A self-described “geek girl,” Michele Peters is an Applications Administrator for a local company and has enjoyed the excitement and challenge of working in technology for the past 20 years. Her alter-ego, ML Peters, is an aspiring author with a desire to read and write stories that captivate the world. Until then, her equally geeky husband and not-so-geeky teenage daughters willingly read her musings from their home in East Wenatchee. Visit both egos on instagram:  geekgirly and mlpeters.author.

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    Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing!!

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