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Experience the healing power of the back country

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Lovely Meander Meadow by photographer Brad Brisbine

By Brad Brisbine

Lovely Meander Meadow sits at the top of the Little Wenatchee River Watershed. This meadow is of a more intimate scale than Spider Meadow, three valleys east, surrounded by a towering fortress with eight waterfalls.

Two years ago I camped at Sauk pass, yards above this scene, and stalked-out this composition. I was thrilled at the transition of mood from that day, with sun penetrating marine-air fog. An impression of a place has a lot to do with the lighting.

The importance of immersing oneself in nature for a while to balance city life cannot be overstated. When I look at this photo, I see more than a picture; I remember the healing power that the sublime sub-alpine zone gives us.

Having experienced this meadow from low and high — in morning, midday and evening lighting — leaves me with a permanent treasured memory of her wonder.

What does it take to get you out, to experience The Good Life? Make it happen.

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